Cotton Hats! Three Ways to Wear a Cotton Hat For That Special You!

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Hats are one of those accessories that can look absolutely great on most anybody, yet few people actually know how to wear them.  It seems people are somehow a bit timid to wear a hat, yet most people appreciate someone else's look who wears a hat.  A cotton hat is a simple, inexpensive accessory that everyone should own.  When worn in the right way with the right outfit, it can instantly transform your entire look from safe and predictable to fashion forward and super cool.  Here are three ways to wear a cotton hat and look amazing.

Sexy Beach Girl

The sexy beach girl look gives you the air of being laid back and relaxed while still looking feminine and desirable.  Find a dress that comes all the way down to your knees.  Pick a cut that flatters your body best whether you choose empire waist, fitted to the waist, straight cut all the way down, or completely flowy.  Choose a color that is soft and subdued.  Put on a pair of strappy sandals (heels or flats).  Find an amazing wide cuff bracelet or perhaps opt for a bunch of metallic bangles.  The accessory that will make you stand out though is a slouchy, wide-rimmed, cotton hat. 

Preppy Rich Girl

Most of us never get to actually be a member of the extremely wealthy class, but that doesn't mean we can't look like we are!  There is a very fine line between looking frumpy conservative and preppy hot.  Find a short sleeve polo style shirt that fits close to the body and pair it with a pair of plaid city shorts.  Choose either pastel colors or you might go for red, white, and blue.  A simple pair of canvas sneakers or a great pair of leather loafers is all you need for footwear in this look.  Make sure any jewelry you wear is very simple and doesn't over power the outfit.  This isn't the look to start putting on anything too ornate or obviously costume.  Finishing this look off with a cute cotton hat will truly make you look like a snobby rich chick, but if you shop wisely, you can get the entire outfit for under a hundred bucks!

Mysterious and Serious Girl

Wearing cotton hat with a rim in a masculine style can give you the look that makes people want to know you but not want to mess with you.  Your outfit need be no more than a tailored button down shirt, a pair of classic trousers, and a great pair of heels.  The masculine cotton hat alone will make you an instant modern day Charlie's Angel-and who doesn't want to look and feel like that?!

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Cotton Hats! Three Ways to Wear a Cotton Hat For That Special You!

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Cotton Hats! Three Ways to Wear a Cotton Hat For That Special You!

This article was published on 2010/04/02