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India is one of the hottest countries in the world. Ask a foreigner about the first thing that comes to his mind when you say India and they would say "It's the heat !". India faces summer most of the year and the summers are pretty intense too. The humidity is very high which leads to a lot of sweating.

So what the Indian needs is a fabric that is absorbent. Also remember that cotton can be recycled and in a country as vast as India recycling will protect nature. Today's working woman has to travel a considerable distance everyday to reach their work place. She may take the bus or the train or her motorcycle but the one thing that never changes is the heat and it's effects.

Cotton is very comfortable to wear, use it as the material for Salwar and it will show its capability. The Salwar is been worn by every Indian woman. The Salwar is a very comfortable piece of clothing for the traveling woman; it offers the flexibility and freedom in movement like the pants worn in the west.

Cotton salwars is the most recent trend in Indian fashion that has been heavily promoted by designers to be showcased in the Global market. Cotton salwars have been explored in ways that you cannot imagine but the end point is favourable. New and Innovative designs coupled with the most comfortable materials makes the Salwar really fashionable.

The Salwar can be paired with pants that are either loose or tight, it does not expose the body but shows out the right curves in the right manner. Vibrant colours, Closely worked designs, Different cuts and styles make the Salwar a top choice among the modern Indian woman.

Cotton salwars are usually self design woven and sometimes even contain very intricate embroidery. One more advantage that is offered by the cotton Salwar is the price. They are cheap and also low maintenance clothing. It is certainly the most widely used clothing in India and Indian woman do not argue with it, because every woman at some point in her life would have fallen in love with this simple and traditional piece of clothing.

So before buying cotton Salwar remember two things. Watch out for cotton blends, they are not as comfortable as pure cotton and are irritating to some people. Number two look for variable transparencies in the cloth as it represents bad quality.

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Prefer cotton salwar during the summer season. India is a country where we experience heat of the hot Sun. So the only option to prefer is to buy Cotton salwar kameez for your summer season.

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This article was published on 2010/10/05