Cotton Scarves Are so Necessary

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In this cool and comfortable fall, nothing is more pleasant and comfortable than a cotton scarf. In the very cool morning or evening, wearing a soft cotton scarf can give you warmth and safety, making you look very fashionable as well as remove your coldness and trouble. To all the fashionable girls, a cotton scarf is a must in this fall, and different cotton scarves can give you different charm, making you more charming and attractive.
For the white-collar women, they always wear the formal clothes, but this does not mean that you can not look fashionable. If you wear the white-chiffon shirt, and a short black suit for the upper body, then you may look as ordinary as so many other white-collar women, but if you match a light-coffee with your favourite pattern, then the effect is absolutely different. You will have another kind of charming and modern white-collar sense, you are sure to attract all the eyes of the colleagues in your office.
For girls who always lead the leisurely style, a cotton scarf seems so necessary. Imagine that if you wear a white shirt, a pair of tight jeans and a pair of leather boots in this fall, then without any doubt, you can be said to be very leisurely as well as modern, but if you match a leopard-pattern cotton scarf, then you have not only the leisurely charm but also the mature and sexy charm, this is the power that only a scarf can bring you. I remember that I have seen such a photo of a female star, she wears a tight black dress, in fact, it is very ordinary, but she matches a leopard-pattern shawl, which smartly brightens her appearance at once so differently.
You can try matching various cotton scarves by yourself, in the fall the woolen cardigan is very popular, it can highlight the mature and elegant charm of a woman. However, if you match a suitable cotton scarf, the effect is even much better. Besides, no matter you wear the long sweater, the leather jacket, the formal suit and so on, you can always choose a suitable cotton scarf to match your clothes, however, the pattern and color should go well with what you wear. For example, the white-gray color is a very elegant color, thus it can go well with the mature clothes very well. The pink color is very sweet, thus it can go well with the sweet and lovely style.

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Cotton Scarves Are so Necessary

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This article was published on 2010/09/19