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While shopping for clothing you have probably seen those tags that state that this shirt or that skirt is made from cotton without ever really knowing what that means. Of course you have probably assumed that this cotton like organic fruits and vegetable has been grown without the use of chemical insecticides or soil additives. You are correct. That is exactly how organic cotton is grown. However, once that cotton leaves the fields and is sent to the textile mills that organic cotton from the plant could become non organic clothing.

In order for organic cotton to be turned into organic clothing, not only must the cotton be grown without chemicals but the material and the cotton clothing also must remain chemical free. This means that no bleach or chemical dyes may be used when making cotton clothing. Instead natural fruit and vegetables dyes are used, meaning that cotton bathrobe you got for Christmas was made entirely without any chemicals.

Benefits of Organic cotton clothing

There are many benefits to buying and wearing cotton clothing. First, as you already know organic gardening of crops helps the environment. Every plant that is organically grown means that there are that many fewer chemicals being released into the soil and the air which helps to reduce the amount of land, air and water pollution. But, organic clothing not only benefits the environment but, benefits your family as well.

When cotton is grown using chemicals those chemicals or at least part of those chemicals stay on the plant and actually become part of the cotton fabric. That chemical fabric is then subjected to bleaches and chemical dyes adding more chemicals to that article of clothing. When you put that clothing on your body you are in essence surrounding yourself with harmful chemicals which can cause skin rashes and breakouts. Over time some of those chemicals in your clothing soaks into your skin where they could cause added health problems.

Which means that organic cotton clothing is not only better for the environment but, better for your family's health and comfort as well. In addition this cotton made with no chemicals actually feels softer making it more comfortable to wear.

Doesn't it seem a little strange in an era where we buy organic food and make our vegetable and fruit juices fresh from organically grown food and vegetables, steam clean our homes to limit our access to dangerous chemicals and even choose body washes that are chemical free that we then turn around and put clothing packed with chemicals on our bodies?

For many years we had no choice as no one produced organic cotton clothing but, now they do and this clothing offers us a more chemical free way to live and dress while protecting the environment. So, the next time you go clothes shopping stop and think what those tags for cotton clothes really mean and how beneficial this clothing is to your comfort, your health and your world.
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organic cotton clothingh is not only better for the environment but, better for your family's health and comfort as well.

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Organic Cotton Clothing

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This article was published on 2011/03/30