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Bamboo is eco-friendly alternative to traditional cotton blends. Pinzon Bamboo Cotton Towel is an Organic Bamboo Bath Towel that readily absorbs water from the skin and thoroughly dries your hair after the shower. The quality that makes it different from others is its soft and plush nature that is close to silk. This product is particularly designed for those people who are in search for superior quality and comfort as well as hygiene in their bathroom accessories.
Features of the Pinzon Bamboo Cotton Towel

The Pinzon Bamboo Cotton Towel, made in Turkey, are made with 70 percent bamboo-derived rayon and 30 percent premium cotton blends. The eco-friendly bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and has moisture-wicking qualities. Most importantly, it is a plush bath towel with a soft-as-silk feel.

This product is absolutely fine for people even with dry and sensitive skin due to it hypoallergenic properties. The towels ability to absorb the moisture and water off the skin so quickly is surprising. This characteristic of the towel is worthy for all those who find dripping in wet after getting out of shower quite frustrating. The antibacterial property it has inherited from bamboo plant provides immunity from bacterial and fungal infections which proves they are also good for health.

The Pinzon Bamboo Towels are offered in array of colors. You are free to choose the color that matches your bathroom theme and dcor. Coordinating bath sheets, towels, washcloths, and bathrobes are also available in the same palette. The towel measures approximately 30 by 56 inches and weighs 30.5 ounces.

Since it is not a traditional 100% cotton towel, it must be washed in cold water and dry on low temperature. It doesnt have the same thickness of a cotton towel but still feels heavier.
Pinzon Bamboo Cotton Towel Prices

The price of Pinzon Bamboo Cotton Towel varies according to the size and its use. The price ranges between $8.00 and $30.71. The bath towels run at around $19.99 and the bath sheets at $30.71. Keeping in account all the qualities, attributes and luxuries provided by the Pinzon Bamboo Cotton Towels, they are worth the purchase.

No doubt the product is competitively priced but purchasing a Pinzon Bamboo Cotton Towel is better than purchasing two standard cotton based towels as it will surely save your time and future hassles as well as the stress and frustrations of having regular cotton towels that leave the skin and hair damp all the time. The Pinzon Bamboo Cotton Towel will surely make a great buy
Pinzon Bamboo Cotton Towel
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Pinzon Bamboo Cotton Towel

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This article was published on 2010/12/23