Why Buy Organic Cotton Clothes?

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Have you ever actually felt 100% organic cotton clothes? They are unbelievably soft. And, just the mere fact of knowing you have done the environment some good gives you a sense of responsibility. Organic cotton clothes are made from organic cotton, which is cotton produced, or harvested, without any pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or genetically modified (GMO) seeds.

The way farmers grow their organic cotton is through traditional, holistic practices, which were relied upon back in the early days. They first start without using any pesticides on their crops. This may mean their yields are not as great as with newer methods, but the payoffs are enormous. They also use a crop rotation in their field, which helps the need to not use pesticides.

Crop rotation is simply not growing the same crop in a location for two seasons in a row. The farmers will grow dissimilar crops, which will help to eliminate the pathogens and bugs that will begin to make their home in their crops. It also allows the nitrogen to be replenished in the soil, which is done through a green manure crop.

Green manure is something like growing clovers for a season in the field, then just plowing them into the soil, and then growing your regular crops. There are other green manure crops as well, such as field beans, clovers, fenugreek, and others. They are also known as cover crops.

GMO is also something of concern. This is a seed than has been genetically modified to allow round up to be sprayed on it and not have anything happen to it. While organic farming will not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, you still want the seed as nature intended for it to be. So, stay clear of GMO seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

Organic cotton clothes are produced in ways as to not destroy the environment. They do not use pesticides, fertilizers, or GMO seeds, and are all natural products. If you are looking for another way to help protect and save the environment, then try some organic cotton clothes.

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Why Buy Organic Cotton Clothes?

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This article was published on 2010/04/04